Monday, February 6, 2017

Where have all the liberals gone?

Those who read my blog know that I am basically apolitical. I don't get involved much in politics.  A lot has changed recently.

First, I should say that I was once a liberal.  After all, liberals were open minded and took care of the underprivileged.  I voted for Diane Feinstein and exchanged correspondence with her.  Martin Luther King, Junior, is one of my heroes.  I have black, gay, Asian, and Hispanic friends.  I believe everyone deserves food and shelter.

I did not vote for Trump or Clinton this election because either suited me, but reactions to the election from the Left are unsettling to me, and the totalitarianism at our universities worries me.  I'm still not very political, and I am certainly not an activist. I love the idea of changing the world by doing good and being good.

But I happened upon this brief video that really kind of says it for me.  Give it a listen, see what you think, and keep living.

Peace and love....

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