Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bald Is Beautiful

Would all the women within the “sound” of my blog who like comb-overs on men please
stand up?  Ah ha!  Just as I thought—no one.

Are you listening men?  Because one thing is certain—bald is beautiful!

Not only is it beautiful, it is masculine.  Embrace the truth with a man hug!  Have you ever heard of female-pattern baldness?  No.  It’s called male pattern baldness, which is why ancient Samarai warriors shaved their heads to look more “manful.”  You got that, Bro?

Marketers attempt to make you feel less attractive so they can sell you hair treatments and product.  You don’t need no stinkin’ product.  You need a buzz!  And I’m not talking about ten successive cans of Dr. Pepper.  I’m talking about a #1 attachment to hair shears. 

Bald and balding men, attention!  Chest out, stomach in, chin up, and your male-pattern baldness shining like a glorious manly orb.  What woman would not like to get her hands on one of these hunks?  

Men, be fearless and be bald!  Stand up for the Sacred Masculine and get a buzz!  
You’ll save some money, assert your macho, and keep living.