Thursday, July 23, 2015

You Are a Pioneer!

Tomorrow is Pioneer Day in Utah, which celebrates the arrival of the first Mormon Pioneers in Salt Lake Valley. 

I am wondering, in what ways are you a pioneer?  As you know, pioneers explore, innovate, lead the way, or journey to unfamiliar places physically, mentally, spiritually, and/or emotionally.  Here are a few examples of what other pioneers have done:

-- Learn a musical instrument

-- Be the first to break the cycle of anger or abuse or poor parenting in your family

-- Use writing or art to express something worthwhile to others

-- Develop a new procedure or product or methodology for your company

-- Start a new company

-- Overcome a habit or addiction through a 12-step program or other method

-- Teach something useful and positive to your children or others

-- Forgive people from the past that have harmed you

-- Be the first to get a degree or advanced degree in your family

-- Decide to take responsibility for everything in your life rather than blame others or circumstances

-- Move to a new location

-- Create a plan to transition from your current work to what you know you should be doing, and then implement that plan.

-- Begin that fun hobby you’ve always wanted to try

-- Break out of a negative thinking or behavior pattern 

And there are many other ways to forge ahead and be a pioneer.

On this Pioneer Day, put some thought into how you have been a pioneer or how you are a pioneer or how you can become a pioneer.  Pioneers are courageous and optimistic. They plan ahead and are willing to do the work. 

To spur you on in your “journey,” you can listen to a song that was sung by Mormon Pioneers as they crossed the Plains, adapt it to your situation…and keep living!