Friday, January 2, 2015

3 Steps to Success in 2015

Rather than write an entire book on the subject, I’m laying out the 3 steps so that you can get started right now!

1. Between now and Sunday, decide on 3 or 4 goals or projects for the year that are consistent with your values.  They can be in any area of life: career, family, religion, fitness, emotions (such as overcoming anger), and so on.  Many of them will have deadlines.

Decide on milestones to meet on the way to achieving a goal or completing a project. Your goals and milestones can change as you progress throughout the year. 

2. On Sunday (or other set day each week), create a Weekly Action Plan.  Decide on a few (or several) specific things that you will do during the week to meet one or more of your goals or milestones. 

For example, if you are a screenwriter with a goal to write a motion picture screenplay by a certain date, I suggest you commit to write for a certain number of hours during the week or at certain times and days during the week.

3. One week later, on the Sunday following, evaluate your accomplishments. Don’t punish yourself if you didn’t get everything done the way you had planned; instead, inspire yourself to move forward. Write a new action plan for the new week.

Do this 50 times this year and you’ll be amazed at the results!