Monday, September 28, 2015

What the Blood Moon Really Means

My daughter was the first in the family to spot the moon rise above the mountains and seemingly drip blood over the tops and down the sides like a giant sundae with a cherry on top.  

The neighborhood children celebrated in a mad frenzy with grotesque expressions on their faces, running about with no apparent purpose. “How strange and clearly portentous,” thought I. It made me wonder what the deep theological meaning of this Blood Moon could possibly be.

Later, while pondering the ominous sight, I fell into a trance and I heard a voice say, “The Cubs win only once in a Blood Moon.” Then a vision was opened to my view, and I saw the Chicago Cubs win the World Series! After all, their logo looks like a Blood Moon with a blue circle around it! I awoke with a sob in my throat. “If the Cubs become a Wild Card and win the Series,” I conjectured, “the end of the world cannot be far behind.”  

Even so, just in case the world doesn’t end, you can take it from me—put your money on the Cubs. Oh, and put a few things aside for an emergency, such as a partial end of the world, and keep living!