Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Magical Chocolate Bunny

The crime

“Who ate the last chocolate bunny?”  It was like a voice crying in the wilderness.  One of my children appeared to be in terrible pain.

So I asked, “Did anyone accidentally eat the last chocolate bunny?”

Everyone shook their heads.  “Wasn’t me.”  “Not I.”  “Don’t look at me.”  “What chocolate bunny?”

“Did anyone eat it on purpose?”  The responses were the same.  Hmmm, what to do….

The investigation

Since every single face, especially mine, was adorably innocent in expression, and knowing that children are completely incapable of fibbing, and further understanding that my wife would only eat it if it were made of dark chocolate, I meandered through the kitchen, Inspector Clouseau style, looking for clues. 

Soon, I noticed that the lid was off the red jar where the chocolate bunny lived and there was just the tiniest trace of chocolate on the door knob of the door that led outside.  “Ah ha!” I said with a start.

My wife was getting a kick out of this and almost started laughing. And then I explained to everyone what obviously must have happened. 

“Clearly, the bunny in question was afraid someone was going to eat him, so he hopped out of the red jar and onto the floor.  From there, he leaped with super-rabbit strength and managed to turn the doorknob.”

“He’s a magical bunny!” my wife quipped.

“Yes, he is, or was.” 

“Was?” someone asked.

The case is closed

“It rained last night.  Heavily.  The bunny only got as far as our driveway when he started to melt. I think you will find traces of the bunny–“

“--The amazing, magical chocolate bunny,” my wife added.

“Yes, indeed.  And right now, he is so amazing that there are bits of him all up and down our street, and that means we now live on a…magical street where most anything can happen!”  I waived my arms like a fairy godmother when I said “anything.”

You, dear reader, might think that my conclusion is far-fetched, but you are mistaken.  Surely you don’t believe a member of my happy family accidentally gobbled up that poor chocolate bunny in order to stay alive during the long rainy night?  Impossible!  What’s that?  I was nowhere near that red jar last night. 

May your day be as magical as ours, and keep living!

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  1. A lot of readers have asked if I ate the bunny. No, but I think I know who did, and I'd love to get a confession, but since I could not be absolutely sure of who did what, I had my fun with the magical chocolate bunny story, which I think implies that I know something is amiss. And now I'm leaving the bunny behind and moving forward.