Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hanging Up My Cleats

Another soccer season is in the books (see article below), and so I’ve decided to hang up my cleats for good.  After decades of playing baseball and softball, coaching boys baseball for 6 years, softball for 1, and soccer for 3, it’s time to turn my attention to other things, such as writing my memoirs and eating desserts.  I’m thinking of starting with a brief history of my rotator cuff.

Don’t think that I am over the hill; actually, I’ve plummeted down it.  And I must say, I’ve enjoyed watching boys grow and develop skills over the years, especially my son. I didn’t know a lot about soccer at first, but I was willing to look like an idiot so my son could play.  It’s been worth it.  After today’s game, I received a nice card from a boy thanking me for coaching him for two years. And inside was a $10 Subway gift card.  I held back my tears, but my nose blew.  Out with the hankie. 

In all of our lives, there are endings and beginnings.  Life closes a door, and God opens a window.  I think I feel a little more alive when I can do something worthwhile that involves other people, even if I look like an idiot. Keep living!


American Fork (AP).  After being defeated by the Tsunami earlier in the year, the Wolfpack ended their season with sound, skillful play in all areas and a powerful left-footed goal by Peyton Sampson at the 21 minute mark.  The Wolfpack defense was like a powerful dike that refused to let the Tsunami overflow or even leak through.  An aggressive offense had numerous shots on goal, supported by midfielders that, like Energizer Wolves, just kept on going.

The Wolfpack finished with an 8-4-2 season record and remained after the game for photos and interviews. According to midfielder and defender Alex Trottier, “Defeat was not an option.”  They were also honored with donuts by the Matt Jackson Press Club and received trophies for their sterling play. 

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