Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Superiority of Dogs over Cats

Let’s settle this cat/dog debate right now by taking a little quiz. It's multiple choice, so even cat lovers should be able to at least a couple right. 

• Animal that can catch a Frisbee in midair: a) dog, b) cat, c) beaver.

• Animal best equipped to help police search for a criminal through a swamp: a) cat, b) dog, c) giraffe.

• Animal known for keeping burglars away: a) dog, b) cat, c) box turtle.

• Animal that will bring in a newspaper on command: a) cat, b) dog, c) platypus.

• Animal that will pull a travois [Native American wagon]: a) dog, b) cat, c) really buff bull frog.

• Animal with the most Reader's Digest accounts of saving children from drowning: a) cat, b) dog, c) Cornish game hen.

• Animal that will jump out of a boat and bring back a duck: a) dog, b) cat, c) musk ox.

• Animal that has been shot into space: a) cat, b) dog, c) small elephant.

• Animal least likely to get stuck in a car's fan belt: a) dog, b) cat, c) another cat.

• Animal best suited for savaging door-to-door salespeople on command: a) cat, b) dog, c) pit hamster.

• Animal most likely to drag its owner out of a burning house: a) dog, b) cat, c) snake.

• Animal most likely to guide the blind: a) cat, b) dog, c) bat.

• Animal least likely to claw the stuffing out of your furniture: a) dog, b) cat, c) cougar.

If you answered dog in over 10 instances, you are brilliant and probably overqualified to be a veterinarian. If you answered cat even once, you have difficulty coping with reality.

This quiz is excerpted from Robert Kirby’s column in the Salt Lake Tribune, 8-4-98, with slight revisions and additions by Yours Truly. Image is from


  1. There's only one question that I consider essential:

    "Which animal helped reconcile Randy and Shelley five years back?

    A) Dog B) Cat C) Platypus

    If you answered "B," you ace the final exam and get High Honors on the entire course.

  2. So good to hear, Randy. And blessed be the cat that did it. :-)