Saturday, February 22, 2014

I Am Your Spam Filter

Today, I received two intriguing spams.  I’m not talking about ready-to-eat meats, but ready-to-read emails. It seems I get several servings of spam daily, and I’d like to change my diet.  Assuming you’d like to change yours as well, I offer myself as your handy-dandy spam filter for the two that caught my attention today.

1. Live for today

“Life is short. Have an affair.”  This email came complete with an alluring photo.  The message only makes sense to me if my moral compass has gone south or I haven’t developed a meaningful relationship with my wife. Here is my filtered version: 

Life is short. Express your love to your spouse today with words, a note, or a bowl of ice cream. Reverse your buts; for example, rather than, “I love you, but picking your nose is annoying,” think positively (and lovingly): ”Picking your nose is annoying, but I love you.”  Deepen the relationship; that gives life more meaning.

 2. Live for yourself

“Do something for yourself today.”  This one sounds perfectly okay.  And it is!  Yesterday, I dined at In-and-Out Burger®, and I did it just for me.  Hurrah for me!  I think there’s nothing wrong with doing something for myself as long as that is not my entire focus.  As your new spam filter, I’d like to give this idea another dimension. Here is my filtered version:

Do something for someone else today. That will expand your soul and open your heart, and that’s the same as doing something for yourself. And keep living!

The “Reverse your buts” idea was stolen from a talk I heard by John Bytheway.


  1. Life doesn't get much better than "double-double, animal style."

  2. So true. Those animal-style fries are so tempting at In-and-Out Burger. :-)

  3. Emailed to me to post: "If half the people in the world would give some thought to what Dave has to say, the world would be a better place--and perhaps a good share of the remaining half would sooner or later at least pay attention." -- Dee McKinney